How do I find a rider? 
If you have a horse you’d like to break to saddle or qualify under saddle, find a rider near you from our list here.
What are the requirements for a horse to race RUS? 
All horses are required to qualify once per season with a flat line in 2:08 on a half, 2:06 on a five-eights, 2:04 on a seven-eights track.
How many horses need to be in a qualifier? 
Each qualifier for RUS must have a minimum of 3 horses enter for the qualifier to be able to go.
Why does there need to be 3 horses in a qualifier? 
Due to the fact that we are “qualifying” both the rider and the horse during RUS qualifiers it is an important part of assessing the riders with a minimum of 3 horses participating.  The thought being that with at least 3 horses a rider could ride in a race in company – both coming off the gate and during the race mile. Depending on the quality of horses and keeping in mind miscues, this may or may not happen but if reduced to 2 horses per qualifier we won’t have the opportunity to view a rider in that situation and be able to assess skill and ability as well as safety.
How does a rider become licensed? 
There are a few steps taken to become a rider. A rider must submit a health physical and eye exam with their application for a riders license. A rider must pass a written test, upon receiving a passing grade the rider is then able to participate in qualifying races. All riders must complete 3 satisfactory rides per season in front of the judges to be licensed as a rider for pari-mutual racing.